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Why Create Horse Socks?

Poco is our horse that received an abscess on his front left hoof due to blunt trauma in the pasture.  After several weeks of constant wrapping and bandaging, his wrappings came off in the pasture one rainy day. This allowed bacteria and dirt to penetrate the still not healed wound and cause a horrible infection.   
Paco - Needs Horse Socks Paco Needs Horse Socks
So I was looking for a way to keep his wraps on and the debris out and Equisocks were the answer.  Why not have a sock to cover all the bandages and keep the stall/pasture debris and dirt out? Even without bandages the sock works wonders to keep the debris out. I used them on Poco for months and I love them. I just pulled them on and the next morning took them off to rebandage. Even after the infection was healed I used them to keep his hoof clean, because he still had a hole in his hoof from where the abscess had blown. They were a simple solution for me to keep everything clean and dry.

Poco Got Sick

As pictured on the right this is Poco’s abscess that resulted in a life threatening infection that took months and 1000’s of dollars to reverse the damage inflicted.
Paco's Injured Foot

Horse Socks Were Invented

The EquiSock was invented in the field so this problem would never happen again. The sock can be used with or without additional bandages underneath the sock. A boot is always recommended over the EquiSock.

Its main focus is to keep all the bandage agents on the hoof and to keep moisture and debris out. Since it has a reinforced Kevlar toe and is made from diabetic sock materials it is much more durable, and better than anything on the market.

Horse Boot by EquiSock

EquiSocks have a reinforced Kevlar toe for withstanding turnout in the pasture but also added elastic for comfortable compression on the legs so the sock does not sag or get loose. It is manufactured with other diabetic socks for people so all materials used are of the highest quality for ensured breathability and bacteria resistance.

The best solution is as pictured. Use medical wraps, EquiSock to hold on the under bandages and then a boot on top.

How Horse Socks Helped

Without EquiSock, after bandage was removed
Before Using Our Horse Socks
Hoof after 6 hours of wear with EquiSock on and all bandages intact, boot had fallen off.  The hoof bandage had fallen off with boot in the pasture for only 30 minutes before we noticed.
Why You Need Horse Socks
Now with EquiSock, in pasture for 8 hours

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Clean Hoof - Equine Socks Worked!