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The World's Leading Sock For Horses

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EquiSock - Sock for HorsesA horse’s hoof is the most important asset to a horse,  but it is the part that takes the most abuse. From abscesses, bruises, cracks, laminitis, thrush and many other problems surfacing around a horses hoof they need all the protection they can get.

Simple bandages and boots are just not enough to battle the constant punishment delivered in the pastures of active horses. EquiSocks were invented to make it easier to keep dirt and debris out of the hoof when an infection is present or healing. After an initial infection the life of a horse changes dramatically, what was routine, now is the most vulnerable and most susceptible to infection and further damage.

The EquiSock was designed to keep the bad stuff out from mud to sawdust and everything in between… With proper bandaging and applied boots of your choosing the EquiSock is an added layer of protection that could just save a life.

EquiSocks offer important features such as reinforced Kevlar toes, moisture control, anti-microbial agents and stretchy fabric that will not bind the hoof. They also have additional breathable elastic, so socks will not sag or easily be removed.

EquiSocks are “cotton free” and are made instead from synthetic fabrics such as lycra, nylon and acrylic yarn, which wick moisture away from the hoof. EquiSock socks also provide more cushioning and protection from blunt trauma than regular socks. Certain vulnerable areas of the hoof such as the heel and the toe receive extra padding thanks to the sock’s structure.

These were invented not just as a solution to keep a horse’s hoof clean and clear from disease but to offer extra protection when an infection is present or healing. The Equisock when used with other wraps and bandages is a great aid to help keep applied bandages on a horse’s hoof.  Equisocks are also machine washable for your convenience.